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What is Romania? ..

Romania is the name of the Roman Empire from Diocletian to Heraclius (284 AD to 610 AD) … as it was uttered by Romance-Speakers.

Romania, among III rd. and VI th. cent., means: The Empire.

After 610 AD “Romania” is a political and diplomatic term for the Grecophone population in the Balkans; After 610 AD .. “Roman” – became endonym and “Vlach” – a slavic exonym. A mark of Roman Citizenship becomes an Endonym and the Exonym becomes o mark of Etnicity. Out of Eastern “Romanitas” remained some Rural Enclaves… but fortunately, out of Western “Romanitas”, after 800 A.D., because of Rome as Sancta Sedes, bursts the Western Europe.

Currently, the country called – Romania is a part of the Roman Province: Dacia Trajana.

Dacia Trajana was protected by the following Legions: The Thirteenth – “Twin” (L.XIII.G.) and The Fifth – “Macedonian” (L.V.M). The first one was quartered in Apulum (Alba Iulia) and the second one in Potaissa (Turda).

In 251 AD The Imperial Army is crushed and the emperor Decius – killed by Cniva’s Gothic raiders in Moesia Inferior…. Over 20 years, Rome will withdraw its legions and settlers from The North of Danube …in Dacia Aureliana. In a century, this new province will be called: The Dacian Diocese.

“The Thirteenth” moves its headquarters in Ratiaria and “the Fifth” in Oescus upon Oescus River (read it – Escu) current Iskar. The capital-city of Province Dacia Aureliana was chosen Serdica (read it – Sofia). In other words – those of the Old: The King threw us “down the drain” (read it – Ripa Danuvii) and the Kingdom was “washed away” (read it – A Breched Limes Danuvii).

Rome was never defeated in Dacia. Dacia “remained” in the Empire after 270 A.D. In the III rd cent. A.D., Rome meant Romania… and the heartbeat of Romania was in The Hearts  of Danubian Legionnaires.

“The Thirteenth” had it’s Symbol: The Lion and Military Equipment Color: Blue.

“The Fifth” had it’s Symbol: The Aqvila and the Color: Red.

In the III rd cent. A.D., Roman Dacia was symbolized upon imperial currencies …. By a Woman holding Ears of Wheat, between Leo and Aqvila, between the Two “Vexillia”: L.XIII.G and L.V.M.

Translated into Colours …

From right to left, the Triptych on Reverse means:

Red, Yellow and Blue.

The coin it’s a Sestertius from 248 A.D. in the time of Philip the Arab. Also on the Reverse, is written: Provincia Dacia Year II. The Significance is great for The Identity between the Two Legions and The Province in 246 A.D. … It’s a case of “Martial Identity” forged in savage battles against the Goths and celebrated inside Mithrea.

From Gallienus to Philip the Arab (268 AD), The L.V.M. and The L.XIII.G will be celebrated each year and their glorious titles will include: Pia Fidelis and Pia Constans. Aurelian will bring Dacia – South of Danube, along with Them. Dacia Trajana became “Patriae” (read it – Fatherland)… The Withdrawal – A Loss,.. Restitutio Daciae – A Goal… and Dacicus Maximus – Title of Glory for the future Emperors.

Dacia – Fatherland? .. Yes … a “Yes” said by Traian himself when His Province was figured, also on a Sesterce, as a Woman identical to Abundantia – having The Twins on her knees.

Legions involved in the conquest and defence of Dacia, had acquired a new identity …they were somehow … “Dacian”. The Victor is Reborn Fearless through the cover of blood… of the defeated – as in the Mithraic Ritual. They were The AuDacious! – The Romans!.. and Dacia will be forever remembered as Dacia Trajana. Legions of Dacia will distinguish themselves between the Brothers in Arms by: the Sica, Daga, Dragon and The “ThreeColours”.

“The Fifth” and “The Thirteenth” will be a Romanic HardCore in The East and Their “ThreeColours” a symbol of belonging to Romania … met all the way from “Dacia” to “Hispania Tarraconensis”.

The image of “Guarded Woman” it’s iconic for the Cult of Danubian Riders (The Knights). The geographical Area of this Cult is the same one with The Quarters of Legions involved in the Dacian Wars: Dacia (XIII th – Gemina, V th – Macedonian), Pannonia (I st and II nd – Adiutrix), Moesia Superior (IIII th – Flavia Felix and VII th – Claudia), Moesia Inferior (I st – Italica and XI th – Claudia).

The “Danubian Knights” image contains The Dacian Triptych found in between the Era of Aries and Pisces: Two  Dragoons (Knights of the Dragon) – trampling the Barbarians threatening Dacia – as a Women with a sacrificed Ram at her feet and a Fish in front of her. The remaining items are all Mithraic: Sol, Luna, Chorax, Leo, Taurus, Serpens.

The Danubian “Romanitas” was Mithraic concerning the Religion – Religion of Mysteries and Initiation in Seven Grades: Chorax (Raven) Mercury, Nymphus (VailedOne) Venus, Miles (Soldier) Mars, Leo (Lion) Jupiter, Perses (The Persian, Magus) Moon, Heliodromus (EnLighted One) Sun and Pater (Father) Saturn.

The causes for the III rd cent. Crisis are obvious: the Conflict, wich “caught” every Roman Emperor, between: “Heathen” Barbarians, Legions of Mithras and Civilians – increasingly more… “Christian”. The Solution (!dissolution) came with Diocletian… but Constantine is The End of It – in Favor of Population and “against” the Legions. Choosing The Social Peace… would “emasculate” The Martial Spirit… And so… in 378 A.D. The Danubian Limes collapses under the Goths. As will happen with the Empire soon after.

The Remembering of “The Old Way” (Mithraism) will remain alive in the memory of romanians even if the were bound to the “New Law” (Christianity). Remembering “Old Dacia (Dacia Traiana) will remain vivid in memory of romanians… as Romania… i.e.: A Part of the Empire.

We are Romanians, we speak Romanian, We write in Latin Alphabet, live in Romania and have our brothers left behind and alone over Danube.

We are Here because Once Upon a Time, it was an EMPEROR … we, Romanians, have not forgotten.

The Emperor was “Our Shepherd”… and We still hail ‘im: Trajan! ..

In his time we “Plowed the First Furrow” Here … and then, in His memory, Wherever we are – when The New year Comes, we wish: “La Multi Ani” (read it: Ad Multos Annos) and sing “The Plow’s Christmass Carol”… “the plow of the first furrow”.

Regardless of what We believe… Some belive… or … Others belive… We are ” of Lion’s breed” or … “from the Vultures” – Still One, Still the same One.

… Is What It should have been Roared over this Land by The Parents of our Nation in 1848, 1866 or 1918… for the mob to understand… WHY It is SO!

We are HERE to DEFEND “The Empire” and we can only be HERE – CIVILIZED!.. Our mere existence of Transhumant, Illiterate – Refugees, along 1400 years of complacency… It is an offense brought to history.

HERE, we can’t Just Be and Whine about it.

HERE, are only those who fight for civilization… all the rest are fictive. In other words – those of Old (i.e. Betranus / Veteranus)


Vlad Totoianu