“Sacra Corona Hungariae”

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“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 5,3)


In the Year of our lord 2011 we, the “green” romanians,.. we ‘re happy that we screwed up the hungarians. We ‘re so strong!.. and inappropiate – like an ebarrassing erection.

How are we so strong?.. We found out about a “Corona Graeca” and a “Corona Latina” from which  the Magyar Holy Crown is composed.

Again,.. we found out later. Even now is good!..

The Magyars found this out after 1978.

We ‘re happy that the “legend” of the Papal coronation of Stephen arround 1000 e.n. turns out to be just a legend,.. that everything the Magyar Crown’s Cult means is a nationalist exaltation of a romantic fantasy,.. that in fact, the Crown is not Catholic but “Orthodox”.

The neighbor’s “precious goat” was dead long ago… and anyway – who wants belive in goat will continue to belive in it even if it’s dead… So…

…we better see of our own “proto-dacians” and “proto-romanians”, in our “proto-country” inhabited by “proto-‘rthodox” belivers.

The advantage of those who bite first from the dust of the cruel reality, in the game named – “Who was the first in Transylvania?!” … is the fact that they can controll the “demystification”. Usually, the hungarians are the first to learn about “new and interesting stuff” – both about themselves and about us. We instead, we keep it “like this”…because “it’s better like this”… and if we do something, we do it in Csardas rhythm… In other words we constantly eat Kurtos out of their hands.The hunger comes out of stupidity… of course!

In our typical happy state .. of spirit, we take as good the “dilemmas” and “disclosures” of our friends over Tisza. Well..that’s that. That was ment to be. That was given. That’s how God left us.  Isn’t it?

It’s not! You faithfull ones!..you happy ones!

Magyar researchers state that their crown is composed of a Greek (Byzantine) crown, a Latin crown and a Cross. The greek crown forms the basis and it’s essential for the later additions and dates from the reign of Michael VII Dukas (b. 1050 – d. 1078 e.n.). The greek crown is recognized as, in fact a pendant diadem – typical for Byzantine princesses. Dating is based on two enamelled decorative boxes, one depicting Michael Dukas VII and the other one Geza I.

Their conclusion?..

…It’s the crown which Dukas gave the Byzantine princess and the wife of Gheza I, around 1075 AD. In other words: “if it’s not Stephen’s …or Chatolic, let it be at least of a king of the Great Hungary” .


Things are not as they are said by some…and belived by others. Unfortunately for everyone.

The enameled box depicting Mihail Dukas is in fact a riveted addition…from the XIth century and the translation of the greek – ΓΕΩΒΙΤZΑC (meaning: GEOVITZAS) resembles maybe with – GEZA (late and wrong transformation of – GYEICHA) but not with – Geza I..!

… Or maybe… ΓΕΩΒΙΤZΑC means: ΓΕΩ ΒΙΤZΑC (γεω βιτζα)… that is: “Earth’s Whip”. Syntagm with the meaning “Flagellum Orbis” …as they were seen the Turanic and Germanic nations from the East, which came in the Roman Lands.

Besids that, although it’s part of “the overall”, the figure of emperor Constantine Porphyrogenitus (b. 905 – d.959 AD)  is “omitted” from the explanatian. Not only that it fits in but it also gives Meaning to the whole:

The two enamels are embedded in “Corona graeca” depicting – “King Geza” contemporary (with…) and faithful (to…) “Porphyrogenitus”.


Why is Porphyrogenitus important for the “Magyar Crown”?

This Emperor of Byzantium baptized in Eastern Rite, around 950 AD, Gyula Zombor… the guy that had the Residence in GyulaFeherVar (I mean: Alba Iulia…sorry!.. BalGrad – for the romanians and bulgarians) and ruled over the land of transylvania as far as Olt-Homorod (i.e.: Jimbor and Bogata villages). “Gyula” was a title as well as Kendu was a title too… The first one ment Duke and the last one – King, in the Khazar hierarchy… One represented the Military Authority and the other one the Religous and Legislative Authority. One was in Transylvania and the other one in Magyar Plain.

After its conversion to Orthodoxy, Gyula Zombor was accompanied, back in Turkia, by a high priest named Hieretheos – which will establish the Diocese of Turkia … in Transylvania.

Because, dear romanians and magyar ethnics: Transilvania was named in the Xth century – Turkia!.. separated from Patzinakia by a distance of four days (between Sercaia village and town of Braila, through Tatar’s Pass). Patzinakia beeing Moldavia to the East of Siret river.


As the “origin” of the Magyar Crown is not related to Stephen or Catholicism… neither is the “beginning” of Orthodoxy in Transylvania related to the romanians… It hurts doesn’t it?!

Let it hurt!.. Because: “Stupidity hurts!” … Knowledge doesn’t hurt; it can make you, perhaps, lose “the window seat” on the way to the “heaven of the poor”… in spirit…

So let’s lose ourselves a little bit more in history. It’s a certain way.

Zumbor (I mean: Jimbor) was the baptismal name of Stephen. His daughter was named Sarolt (I mean: Sar-Oldu… in turkish).  In an attempt to “relief the tension” of the relations with Taksony (magyar kendu), Jimbor promised his daughter’s (Sarolt) hand to Taksony’s son and heir: Geza. Prince Geza. From the marriage that followed… and fructified… resulted, with “the intervention” of Rome: “Sanctus Stephanus”.


Most likely “their Crown” “came” through Transylvania, through Sarolt’s blood, from Constantinople, from the hand of Porphyrogenitus. The Crown was Hungarian not Magyar; belonged to Transylvania and not to “Great Hungary”; was Eastern and not Western.

What is the Crown?

It is…what one or another thinks.

What does Crown mean?

It means … “Stephanos”. That is…

… a Diadem.

Vlad Totoianu