European Mystery

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The ancient Greeks had Theseus and Prometheus; being more efficient, Romans had Mithras – Tauroctonous and Promethean.

The Sun defeats the Moon… through Mithras which kills the Bull.

Victory means Fertility… and Fertility means Killing through Avatars.

The apparent Heptadic Orderring hides the nonadic order… with two “unseen”: “Arcani” and “Vultures” – possibly Cautes and Cautopates?

The Eternal Torchbearers are the Witnesses of Human Drama.

Mithras descends the Skies like a meteor… as Lapis ExCaelis; only to rise, Ignis ExPetra… like a spark to the Stars.

Nine are the travelers hypostases through the Skies.


Europe is in permanent “danger” of being… stolen by the Bull.

It must be saved by a “cowboy” arrived from “a distant place”, with “sparkles” in his heels and eager for “trophies”.

In Conclusion:

Just like there are a lot of cattle which live – chewing their lifes under the Moon;  there are some brave Challengers… of Time.

When we see Fallen Stars… Rejoyce! Friends are comming Our Way!