Terra Deserta

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What “The Barbarians” poored over “PreRomanians” haven’t succeeded, or even “The Oppressive Empires”… a bunch communists jerks Succeeded so very well with the History of Brasov.

I put in quotes The Barbarians ’cause in their “barbarism” – liberated and gave us an Identity. I put quotes for the PreRomanians because It’s a crap  similar to “Peasant Fortress” or “Daco-Roman”. Oppressive Empires are into the same quotes… ’cause they simply – Cvilized our people. Yeah!… Only because of “The Imperialist Yoke “, Transylvania has it’s Toilets and Wallachia has squat-toilets.

But,.. let’s return to Brasov and Destruction done by Ignorance:

1.Bartholomew’s Old Fort – Destroyed (limestone quarry) – Unmarked – Included in The National Archaeological Inventory (RAN);

2. The Citadel from Tampa – Ruined – Unmarked – Included in The RAN;

3. Schneckenberg Culture – Eponymous Settlement (Snail Hill) – Destroyed (limestone quarry) – Unmarked – Included in The RAN;

4. Noua Culture – Eponymous Settlement – Unidentified – Unmarked;

5. “Stones of Solomon” Citadel – Destroyed – Unmarked – Included in RAN

6. Roman marching camp on “The Cart’s Road” (Bran) – Destroyed – Unmarked – Included in RAN

7. “Tatar’s Rampart” in “Bunloc” district -  Mostly Destroyed – Unmarked – Mentioned in RAN

8. Settlement, Fortification, Necropolis in “Valea Cetatii” district – Destroyed – Unmarked;

… I think… It’s enough.

How were (and still are …) these Crimes of National Heritage possible?!…

Here: .. Low interest for the research done by historians Saxons and Hungarians in the first half of sec.XX.., .. Incompetent in subsequent research, passivity empowered institutions to safeguard the heritage of the country .., Ignorance inhabitants of Brasov.

Nationwide is not the right word “destruction through incompetence” … but deliberate devastation.

We are the unfortunate holders of the capital of an ancient kingdom of the most brilliant – Sarmisegetuza. What did “of our” ancestral heritage with the Romanian and European taxpayers’ money? … They hurt. I mean ‘… have invented stories of incompetence Dacians a thorough research, have stolen cash to pay for infrastructure in the area, preserving and protecting the remains, were encouraged by the silence – Archaeological poaching.

The shameful reality of this country, in which we live, should be changed … by its people. The reason why? ..

Medieval Chronicles qualify these lands as: “Terra deserta et inhabitata” – It was True, in european terms of the XIII th cent. It’s also true nowadays- as a methaphor… from the same point of view… in the XXth cent.

Let’s change this awful truth… in smthg like:… “Terra Nostra”.

PS: The Parrot is real… and is called: Scarlet Macaw.

Vlad Totoianu