A Thousand Years

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Compared to European Time, a millennium is enormous.

For our historians, however, an ethno-genesis of a millennium doesn’t appear as an idiotic “enormity” … Naturally, of course – after a twentieth century of deliberate mystification of the Past, invention of an alien Identity and a mockery of Common Sense .

We are the descendants neither of Rome … nor of Dacia; some were civilized and the other heroes … Today, we are bouncing between indifference and cowardice. If we take as a Criterion: .. The Stone – foundation of urbanism, .. our past suddenly clears. We have stone buildings until III Cent. AD… than pause… interrupted by the appearance of cities in Transylvania around XIII Cent. – with the arrival of the Saxons and the Szeklers upon the boundries of Hungarian Kingdom .

Where were “We” ..? … And if not … why we’re speaking Romanian still?

We were in the mountains .. into the sheepfolds and “ours” – through the hamlets. We are The Shepherds … and we should be proud of it! If it wasn’t The Sheepfold and The Shepherd to go from Tatra to Pindus and from the Crimea to Istria we wouldn’t be speaking  “ the language the Romans”. Because of their wealth, customs, speech, spirit … this land is called Romania. “We” are a minority. Romania is here only because of the Visionary Elite of XIX-th Cent. and Charles I – The Founder.

Who were the “others”?

Chronologically, .. the Goths, Huns, Gepyds, Avars, Slavs, Bulgarians, Hungarians, Pechenegs, Cumanians, Germans, Tatars … many huh? Waters, fields, mines, mines, towns, customs, .. were of “them.” History was made, experienced and recorded by “them” … and for a century – “ignored” by us.

A millennium passed in futility by “our” modern historians… is throwing us, now, in Mockery and perpetual Identity Crisis under The Sign of Sterile Megalomania.

Vlad Totoianu