Memento Ignis

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“- Novem Ordo Seculorum; Decem Ordo Terrarum; Tres Ordo Deorum…

- What do you mean by this?

- That…we left our fires to be trampled by “fakirs” and let ourselves fooled by apocalyptic “prophets”. That… we forgot looking for our forefathers through the Words; for they mastered the Art of Gods – “Shape-Shifting the World into the Word”.


- Our forefathers divided the Place in Four… and Measured in Ten. They had Three Holy Gods… and Nine Skies.

- Then… why do we live in Seven and Twelve?

- Because… there are also… some… others. They are in a Different Order.

- Who are We?

- Sometime… over 4000 years ago…  we were called Arya; what we name today the Andronovan Culture.

- Than what…!?

Two branches descended from the Iranians; some went to Indus,… others to the Mediteranian See – Achaeans, Hittle, Mitanni. Sometime… over 3000 years ago… a Prophet of the Magi – people “out of (our) order”,.. came to the Iranians.

- The ones that have Seven Skies and Twelve Months?

- Precisely them! This Prophet, Zoroaster, transformed them in Persians; brought them under the Moon, changed their words, changed their Gods …

- Our Gods?

- They remained alive… untill 2000 years ago when another Magical Prophet appeared.

- We?.. They?..

- Yes!.. We choosed the Sun; They choosed the Moon. We choosed Fire and Stone; They – the Water and Earth. We burned our dead; They burrried them. We roamed over the Highlands and Steppes; They – along the Great Rivers. Our Gods were Human;  When they gave up the Bull and it’s Toy or other Animals, they suddenly worshipped… an … Angry Man. We prefered Weapons; They – Trade. We preferred one Women; They – several. We started the Year on the Spring Equinox… and the Day in the Morning; They started the Year on Winter Solstice and the Day in the Night… and so on!

- …three Castes: Brahmana, Ksatriya si Waisya…

- Really interesting about ‘em is the etymology: BagaMan – “Rich Man”,.. SatTria – “The Three-Hundred”,.. WeghYa – “Travelers”. The Commerce was about Travel,.. The War-Lords were Three-Hundred… and… Dominance was One with Richness and Holyness.

- Imperator/Divus/Pontifex… all makes Sense! Everything… from the Origins. Some were born out of Stone and Fire; others from Water and Earth… from Mud.

- It’s a Great Mystery to understand here. Our women are Holy like the MileStones. We are Sparks fallen through the Skies from the Fires lit by the Gods. Once on earth, we become Stones. When two certain stones colide in the right way… they come alive. Liting our Fire, We Reborn from Ourselves through the Other One. Only in this way we can turn back to Sparks. The Sparks from Our Fires (this time)… risen to the Gods… and their Realm.

- From Women we are born Stones; among our people we reborn through Fire – men, enlightened, with iron in our hand.

- That’s right. Do you understand now – why we burn ourselves when we die?

- We rise through “Our-Own” to the Heavens – to be “in aeternum”… among our Makers.

- It’s a certain way (the only way): Stone – Man – Iron and Light. Iron and Light must follow us in to the Death. Our friends “make sparks” of our flesh and bones… and send us to to the Skies “along with the Iron”; by shooting either volleys of arrows, cannonballs or bullets. We’re Heroes!.. you know?!.. We should live and die like Hercules.

- Why did Romulus murder Remus?

- He went over what was Decided by Romulus. He crossed… the Measure of Romulus.

- Seven Hills… Twelve Vultures,.. 753 BCE..?

- “Magical” stories! Rome is on Ten Hills… and AUC it’s in 816. Remus crossed the Limit. The Border was Holy. It wasn’t a quarrel over “bird-watching”. It was a mockery made upon a Sacred Ritual of Fundation.

- The Sabine women?

- Women have to be “made” Family. Women have to be brought to … men’s home. They guard the hearth of home. Each one is the Vestal of her own house.

- Marriage?

- It’s a “Bounding in Three”.  The Laws:… I. Are Given,… II. Are Bonds,.. III. We Bound in Three and not in Two! In marriage it’s idem and ibidem with the Passing. A man (priest) takes in his hands two stones and… knocks them together, like our forefathers did. Any bound is made in front of a Witness. The legal principle is Triadic; there are Three Pillars of the World. “The Groom”(i.e. Mire – in romanian) and “The Bride”(i.e. Mireasa – in romanian) are… just “rhotacisms” of Miles and Milesa.

- Mithraism?

- Women become “Lionesses”… Men become “Patres” … Daemons reach to the “Vultures”.

- Ghilgames too… killed the Celestial Taurus!

- Mithras is the “Avenger” of Enkidu. Mithras and Ghilgames are fundamentally in opposition. From Taurus we entered anyway in Aries; from Pisces we’ll enter Aquarius in the same way.  The attitude regarding the Passing of Time is fundamentally different! For “US” the Passing of Time is Natural and the Sacrifice is a Heroic Act and the condition of Immortality; for “The Others” the passing is unnatural – they want to “stop time”… Sacrifice it’s a sacrilege and the cause of “damnation” – as despair… in facing death; “death” brought by a “sin against the gods”.  In facing Time – we are Heroes; they are Believers. We conquer our Immortality; they beg for it…

- They want to be … Saved. After they “damn” themselve alone.

- It’s a Feminine attitude in front of the Inevitable: Restlessness-Submission-Suffering-(Re)Birth. From here comes the need of a “Groom-Prophet-Savior”.

- What happened with Romulus?

- He gave the Romans … almost everything. Rome, Senat, Legions, Time, Directions.

- Directions?

- North-South was called Cardo and ment: Axis. Perpendicular on the Axis, from Ten-to-Ten, was articulated … the Decumana.”

- Hiram…

- Manole (i.e. The Master Mason of a Romanian Folk Poem)!.. You can lift the stone without Solomon’s Seal. You only need a reference point. Manole Built the church Around his woman – Anna. Manole actually… raised a “Tholos”.

- They were Nine … and with him Ten.

- Exactly! He built in a “Vitruvian Way”;and The King was in“Solomonic” Order. In the End, they got Wings… and She remained Hidden.

- Basically… it’s… HelioCentrism vs. GeoCentrism and AnthropoCentrism vs. TheoCentrism.

- We are not adverse. We are expressed by Pythagoras, Aristarch and Arhimede; we are in the Noon’s  Light. They are expressed by Platon, Aristotel and Socrates; they are the Sunset Light.

- The Cup of Hemlock..?

- A Certain Measure! You cannot be skeptical regarding Life; and besides that,.. to “teach” it to our youth-future-citizens. When facing life you can be Stoic – you discover the Human, Natural and Universal  Laws,.. you Accept them -  ordering your Life Accordingly. You change the way you relate yourselve to things… and not the way itselve. Skepticism applies to Death… not to Life! You can be Skeptical in the way you relate yourselve to a Dogma (depending on how dogmatic “your world” is) … but you cannot be skeptical regarding What Is Clear under the Sun.

- Yet,.. Romans killed Archimedes…

- You have to listen when “people” talk to you… Not listening may cost you – Life. Still,.. it has been Re-Discovered and Immortalized by Marcus Tullius Cicero.

- Platonic solids!?

- Solids are Pythagoreic.

- Still… Aeneas… came from Troy.

- Aeneas, the hero of Aeneids,.. came from “beyond the Horizon”… from Ennead. He was the Principle of Nine and beyond him – Decad; Nine were the Sibylline Books; Nonadic was the sibylline measure refused by Tarquin. On the other hand the origin of Romulus and Remus is in NumItor and AlbaLonga; in the Numeric Flux of Pure Infinity.

- The Wolf – “Eurasian Mythical Ancestor”?

- More than that. It’s the memory of the Age of Gemini – when we used to live in caves and hunt in Packs like Wolfs. The Twin’s Sacrifice, under the form of Fratricide… made the transition to the Bull’s Age possible.


Vlad Totoianu & Lucian Comsa