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Who helps to deny the influence of Rome on Romanian territory along with the exaltation of the Dacian heritage?

The presence of Rome in all Three Romanian Provinces is an archaeological evidence. Paved Roman Roads are still passable; mileage totals that were matched in Romania only eighty years ago; are better cut than the current ones. Roman Baths are more than romanian public baths ever.

This cultural presence of Rome articulates our Spirit; Vlach shepherds held the speech of Roman Romanias  over centuries.

Modern State of Romania was built from villainy elapsed from the Ottomans and the Russians around Transylvania – the Imperial province. Our legitimation to Europe was one of Romania and through her – from the eternal values of Greek antiquity. Our Elite has overrated, romanced, gave the body of a vision into a brilliant way, in a favorable political moment. It wasn’t (very) false the association: Rome-Romanesque-Romania … The French found it really nice actually.

Today’s Delirium of… “Dacology”, links in a sinster way to the so-called “nationalism” of our communist period. After decades of “research” financed and led by The Party… we woke up suddenly, after the Revolution, with a Para(Psycho)Normal Identity right in The Navel of the World. Arguments – are often mumblings around Etymology or Psychotic Episodes of the “village’s wise-one”, taken seriously by the Media.

After fifty years, our “specialists” have no idea of Dacian’s language, religion and architecture. More embarrassing are their “emission” of opinions. For example:

Dacian sacred architecture has: “Round Sanctuaries”, “Rectangular Columned Sanctuaries ” and” Basilican Plan – Sanctuaries “. The Round Ones are imagined like some idyllic huts, though their layout is a Celtic Henge. The Rectangular Ones are imagined in a Greco-Roman style, although there is no Crepidoma, Antablature, nor any trace of the Cella.

The Basilican Planed Ones are rising “panic and confusion”. They are easily passed over in silence, although they have in the inventory – many “9 inch nails”, for hanging choped flesh … The same trivial silence hangs over – Human Sacrifice Rite of Dacians … often “translated” as: “Immortality” or “Sacred Instinct”.

Dacians,.. they have no blame!.. but to have been defiant to… The Greatest Empire in History – wich brought them – Extinction … A double End for their Story it’s being six feet under… in a territory of a future romanian nation… which brought them – Oblivion.

Returning to the first question :…

Who helps the propaganda of a Dacian Identity (“archaeologically”uncertain and “etymologically” argumented) to counter… the Roman One (archaeologically-certain and politically-correct)?!..

Obviously… those who would destroy the historical Wonder of the Nineteenth century occurred in the Carpathians… with the massive support of the crowds “educated” by a compromised elite.

Vlad Totoianu