Mensura Rerum

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The Ideal Exists. It resides in Proportions and generates ‘Em. It’s value is: 1,618o33988…

The Perfection exists. It’s first Arithmetic Value is: 6. It’s only Geometric Value is: 6, 283185307…

It’ s a Measure in All. As Vitruvius says: “… Never more than Three Cubes from CCXVI Parts”


A Cube it’s The HexaHedron. The Second Pythagoreic Solid.

The Cube’s Cube equals the Sum of Cubes in the first  Pytagoreic Triad.

The Wisdom has It’s name: Mercurius Ter Maximus.

The Roman World was Rotating like a Duodecahedron with Phi… to Icosahedron.


Who… shamelessly “doomed” … The Ideal, The Perfection and The Measure?

Who are The Beasts – Sufficient in a Single Book … and a Single Verb: To Believe …?

… And …

The Demonization of Civilisation goes on…

Vlad Totoianu