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Be Wellcome!

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“…Audaces Fortuna Iuvat!..”

It was really an ART… to be Within. A Noble Art, visible and appreciated in Classical Antiquity… when Citizenship was a title of Honor. In thirty years, I had the chance to meet a handful of Citizens – Men of The City.

It’s a kind of Man who Knows the Land he shades… respects his Forefathers who cut the First Furrow… and manages to Make a Sense out of IT, “within the city walls.”

Any Virtual, it’s a Reflection of a Real… This one it’s about what we, the members of ARTA IntraMuros, experienced – the Spirit of a Generation who yearned for Mentors in Schools… searched’ em in Libraries… and  finally met ‘em within the Dialogue.

Let us know each other, whether it would mean to recognize …

Vlad Totoianu